This collection of images and short films is the body of work developed and carefully research over a year and a half long period, on the resolution of conflict between humans, and asian elephants. During third year and majority of second year at Falmouth University, Bethan chose to research and document the efforts made to protect not only asian elephants from human harm, but also protection for local villagers from wondering or frightened elephants.

The entire project starts with a short film, documented in 'Chester Zoo', on the protection of asian elephants in captivity. In February 2017, Bethan spent five weeks living and working with other volunteers and the local community on resolving human/ elephant conflict. Task such as electric fence monitoring, sand traps, camera traps, dung analysis, elephant identification, orange tree planting, fitting bee hives on farms and resident interviews. All to piece together an entire project that will one day, hopefully, resolve this battle of species.

A series of images, another short film and a book of diary entries on each day living and working in Sri Lanka, made up Bethan's final university project. 'Elephant Diaries, Sri Lanka' is available to purchase online, as well as any of the images displayed. The image 'Elephant of Sri Lanka' is a collectors piece as only one hundred copies will be sold worldwide.

A copy of Elephant Diaries, Sri Lanka can be purchased