In the third year at Falmouth University, Philip decided to base his final project on educating children in nature. Take away the phones, iPads and laptops and educate children in the outside world surrounding them. Through first and second hand research, conducting interviews and actually assisting with teaching himself. This study was concluded in a short film, informing its audience of the importance children have with conservation efforts.


The project began by getting involved with after school clubs. Helping children learn how to identify certain insect or plants and even how to make a campfire. Philip was able to see how children react with nature first hand and not through a computer screen. Philip spent several days camping out in the Peak and Lake District, embracing nature and all it has to throw at him, from an adult perspective. Also while documenting through, photography and videography.


After a year long study into the topic. This short film, a research journal and dissertation came together, with the answer that children do need to be a part of nature from a young age. They need to understand how the world works. If we neglect our planet, pollute and destroy what we have. There will be no world left to live in.